latest releases / electroacoustic

"stefan thut, vier 1-12 (4.0)"
Electroacoustic version of Stefan Thut's composition for four. 4CH. dvd + full streaming on Leerraum

"O esplendor natural das coisas e inferno"
electroacoustic piece whose construction is inspired by the writing of the Portuguese author Antonio Lobo Antunes. cdr on Moving Furniture, or digital version on Bandcamp

two cymbals experiments pieces. K7 on Wasted Capital since 2013.

Electroacoustic composition made of recordings of skarkling liquids and gases. cdr on Consumer Waste

Lance Austin Olsen "scores & markings"
one EA interpratation of "craig’s stroke #2", on
Infrequency (free download).

John Cage "But what about the noise..."
electronic version, part of the the experimental music yearbook (stream & free download).

static-electroacoustic piece, free (stereo or 4channels) on Audiotalaia.

electroacoustic-dronish-lowecase album, CD on Mystery Sea.

"De viribus electricitatis in motu musculari"
free digital (.wav), electroacoustic 15min piece, on Reductive Music.

"v4w.enko+d'incise - AM.P.E.REM.EC"
!! LP !!, electroacoustic-glitch-ambient-electronica-drone-etc collaboration on Everestrecords.
Details, preview & order, HERE

"Are fishes nihilist? (all this is not realistic)"
3''cdr, 1 minimalist-electroacoustic piece based river fieldrecodring by Cédric Peyronnet, on KAON label.

double cdr, 4 long minimalist-electroacoustic pieces on Observatory label.

vaguely electronica album on, cdr & free mp3/flac, by Drone Sweet Drone & Bruit Clair, DL here &

"The fields remain while the recorder has long vanished"
[IHab041], electroacoustic-lowercase-fieldrecording based piece on impulsive habitat netlabel.

latest releases / acoustic, bands, etc.

Trio with Johnny Chang and Mike Majkowski, Download+object, INSUB..

INSUB.8TET - STEFAN THUT One and seven
Download+object, INSUB..

ENSEMBLE VORTEX "May my wrongs create no trouble (soft, soft and)"
A composition for six musicians, listen on Soundcloud.

DIATRIBES Roshambo (trio) with Cristian Alvear
3'' cdr on 1000füssler.

A new band, with Alexi Degrenier & Cyril Bondi, just a demo so far, more soon. Listen on soundcloud.

DIATRIBES Great stone/Blood dunza
LP, Aussenraum records, digital version on bandcamp.

Magnus Granberg "How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky?" (10tet)
CD, Another Timbre.

Download+object, INSUB..

Free download (mp3/flac), INSUB.netlabel.

Four new compositions in duo, CDr, Caduc.

a composition for snare drums and loudspeakers, 1rst realization by d'incise, 2nd by Hannes Lingens & Jamie Drouin, cdr & score on Suppedaneum (Sold out).

Johnny Chang & d'incise
8CYM (d’incise) + For percussions perhaps, Or… (night)(James Tenney), on Compost and Height (free .flac download).

Download+object, INSUB..

EAI+, LP, Bocian.

a piece for 5tet with d'incise (electronics, composition), Antoine Läng (voice), Mathias Forge (trombone), Rodolphe Loubatière (piece of metal on snaredrum), Violeta Motta (flutes), part of the Another Timbre's Anonymous Zone project - free .FLAC version here.

QUEIXAS Eye of Newt
Saudade-EAI, cd, .mp3 & .flac, Insubordinations.

KARST & VINCENT BARRAS Corpusculairmetrique
abstract poetry vs textured percussions, LP, .mp3 & .flac, Insubordinations.

very large ensemble, .mp3, .flac, Insubordinations.

forthcomming events

10.01.2016 d'incise (~tekno set), Spoutnik, Genève, ch
15.01.2016 diatribes, klub katarakt festival , Hammburg, De
03.02.2016 d'incise (dj set xp), Cave12, Genève, ch
05.02.2016 Ilhas, by Wasteland, ArtShareLA, Los Angeles, USA
26.02.2016 d'incise (solo), Milord, Paris, F
04.03.2016 d'incise (~tekno set), DAF, Genève, ch
12.03.2016 IMO, Walcheturm, Zürich, ch
13.03.2016 IMO, Exploratorium, Berlin, De
19.03.2016 diatribes, Cocart festival , Torun, Pl
27.04.2016 La Tène, Cave12, Genève, ch


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