Diatribes, the Geneva based duo, continues his exploration of simplification and rational rituality, and presents a couple a work tighted together by strict sonic or structural principles. Highly detailed textures, repeated gestures, soft tones, febrile pulses and acoustic hyper-sensibility.

"A new castle", 2nd duo album is now available on Caduc, check our records page for details and purchase (plus here two of the pieces's scores, Roshambo & Two cymbals)

In march 2015, "Great stone/Blood dunza", a LP on Aussenraum

01.02.2015 brunch#4 - L'Usine (4ičme), Genčve, ch
01.03.2015 Studio Acht, Berlin, De
02.03.2015 skolska28, Prague, Cz
03.03.2015 Bludný kámen, Opava, Cz
04.03.2015 Interpenetration, Graz, At
25.03.2015 Zero Stock, Rennes, F
26.03.2015 Diffusio, Angers, F
27.03.2015 LYL, Lyon, F
28.03.2015 asile404, Marseille, F
16.04.2015 Le Cabinet, Genčve, ch
18.04.2015 Haceria, Bilbao, Es
25.04.2015 Sonnentube, Lugano, ch

"A New Castle" Reviews on Fluid Radio by Nathan Thomas, and CMmag by Ilia Belorukov.